• Wheat & Gluten-Free Home Baking - Lola Workman

Wheat & Gluten-Free Home Baking - Lola Workman

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2012

Using her knowledge of cooking and nutrition, Lola has provided innovative, tasty and nutritious recipes according to wheat and gluten-free guidelines.  She uses fresh ingredients with plenty of flavour and variety.  With beautiful photographs of recipes, this book has a wonderful variety of food, including multicultural cuisine with a healthy twist on many tasty baking classics.

Lola was introduced to gluten-free cookery in 1980 when her daughter developed an intolerance to wheat. Her background as a commercially trained cook was challenged by this situation and she had to develop a whole new tasty menu for her children. Lola has conducted many courses for parents of children with various food intolerances and is recognised by the Coeliac society who also endorse her books.
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