• Sweet Paris - Michael Paul

Sweet Paris - Michael Paul

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2012

Any Parisian will tell you that theirs is the city of romance, light and delicious sweets that are like no others on earth.  Take your tastebuds on a tour of Paris in this sumptuous collection of sweet pastries, magnifique desserts and chocolates to die for.

Michael Paul's stunning photography captures the real ambience and joie de vivre of this remarkable city.  Saunter past traditional patisseries, sit with artists sipping chocolat chaud in Montmartre and savour the delights of the local chocolatier.  With over 30 classic and modern recipes, from comforting pains au chocolat to irresistible macaroons, Sweet Paris is more than a cookbook: it's a sweet-toothed flaneur's guide to Paris; a city where even the desserts are chic.
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