• Tokyo Local - Caryn Liew & Brendan Liew

Tokyo Local - Caryn Liew & Brendan Liew

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2018

It's the chicken skin yakitori you eat at 2am in a bar the size of a cupboard.  It's the pork curry you devour after having to line up for 45 minutes with a bunch of excited teenagers.  It's the yuzu ramen you slurp after ordering it from a vending machine.  It's the tonkatsu you buy in a vast shopping-center basement.  And it's the Oden that's served to you by a laid-back surfer from Okinawa.

Tokyo is an explorer's dream and a food-lover's paradise.  Tokyo Local brings you 70 recipes for the dishes that define the city, so you can capture the magic of Tokyo at home.
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