• 101 Desserts to Eat Before You Die(t) - Anneka Manning

101 Desserts to Eat Before You Die(t) - Anneka Manning

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2011

We all have our weaknesses. For some it may be the delectable custard and crunchy burnt sugar of creme brulee.  For others it may be a delicious slice of creamy blueberry cheesecake.  And for many, it's simply chocolate, chocolate, chocolate - whether in cakes, cookies, puddings, or eclairs.

Whatever your favourite dessert, chances are you'd say no life would be complete without a taste of it - just like the dishes featured in 101 Desserts to Eat Before You Die(t). This lusciously photographed book features 101 recipes for the best desserts in the world.

In the mood for a sweet and sticky delight? Try the banana fritters with butterscotch sauce or the toffee pudding.  Looking for the perfect pie?  Try the recipes for apple, lemon meringue, pumpkin, or pecan.  From classics such as chocolate chip cookies and doughnuts to more unconventional fare like golden syrup dumplings and white chocolate fondue, the delights featured in this book will leave you ready to indulge.
With 101 Desserts to Eat Before You Die(t), you'll want every meal to start with dessert!

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