• 101 Dishes to eat before you Die(t) - Anneka Manning

101 Dishes to eat before you Die(t) - Anneka Manning

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2011

This mouth-watering book features 101 recipes for the most delicious foods in the world. With instructions for nibbles, snacks, and things in small packages, as well as entrees featuring beef, chicken, seafood and even vegetarian options! 

101 Dishes to Eat Before You Die(t) is filled with the foods you can never forget.  For breakfast, there's huevos rancheros with cheesy cornbread and eggs Benedict.  For lunch, there's fried ham and cheese sandwiches and a classic burger.  For dinner, there's fettucine Alfredo and honey-garlic ribs.  And for snacks (and who doesn't want a snack when they're this good?), there's deep-fried calamari, samosas, and mini corn dogs.

We love the food we love because it tastes good.  So, with this book, we shall eat and be merry for tomorrow we die(t)!

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