• 131 Method - Chalene Johnston

131 Method - Chalene Johnston

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2019

The 131 Method is the ultimate anti-diet programme.  Forget calorie-counting: in this book, health and wellness expert Chalene Johnson offers a method that's been rigorously researched and tested, with thousands of success stories to back it up.

The name of the programme comes from its 3 key components:
1: Choose your priority (e.g. weight loss, hormone balance, gut health, brain fog, etc.)
3: The three phases of the programme: Ignite, Nourish and Renew
1: YOU - time to customize the diet for you!

This revolutionary 12-week programme puts the focus on personalizing the 'diet' according to the reader's unique needs, and uses macronutrient ratios to help the body shift into fat-burning mode and kickstart the metabolism.  Readers will learn to eat intuitively, increase their metabolic flexibility with 'macrophasing', get rid of their food fears, learn about intermittent fasting and discover which foods cause inflammation.  It's about more than losing weight - it's about getting healthy and knowing your own body!
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