• 5 Ingredients 10 minutes - Jules Clancy

5 Ingredients 10 minutes - Jules Clancy

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2013

Cook up a storm in the kitchen every day. Delicious AND healthy food, using five ingredients, and just ten minutes cooking time.

Make midweek meals, simple, quick and healthy with Five Ingredients, Ten Minutes.  It is designed to come to the rescue when the 'What's for dinner?' question crosses your mind.  From vegetable white bean stew to lamb fillet with fresh mint and hummus to creamed spinach with chickpeas to French toast with raspberry sauce, with Jules Clancy cooking quickly at the end of a long day shouldn't be a difficulty any more!

Jules Clancy trained as a food scientist, before working for Kellogg, a wine company, and then as a designer of chocolate biscuits and cookies.  She's is now a full-time blogger, with a virtual cookery school specialising in quick and easy, simple food.
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