• 500 Chilli Recipes - Jenni Fleetwood

500 Chilli Recipes - Jenni Fleetwood

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2012

This title features 500 scorching recipes from India and the Caribbean to Mexico, Thailand and South-east Asia.

You can explore the rich diversity of chilli in classic hot recipes such as Green Chilli Dumpling Soup, Thai Green Fish Curry, Wok-fried Crab with Red Chilli, Pak Choi in a Spicy Lime and Coconut Dressing, and Chilli Dhal Curry.  Recipes include: soups; appetizers and snacks; fish and shellfish dishes; chicken and poultry dishes; meat dishes; vegetable dishes; pasta, noodles and rice; side dishes; salads; and relishes, pickles and salsas.
It includes both subtly spiced recipes as well as red-hot dishes, with ideas suitable for every palate and occasion.

Every recipe has easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and complete nutritional information.

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