• A Lighter Way to Bake - Lorraine Pascales

A Lighter Way to Bake - Lorraine Pascales

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2013

In this fabulous book, Lorraine Pascale, Britain's beloved chef and tv personality, brings together the two hot trends  - baking and eating lighter, healthier meals!

Lorraine's dreamt up 100 delicious, easy recipes, all fully illustrated, ranging from savoury scones and coconut and lime loaf to apricot and ginger chiffon cake, sesame pretzel buns and cauliflower gratin bakes.  Lorraine reinvents traditional favourites (her amazing brownies) but shows us neat shortcuts to cut the fat or the sugar - without losing any of the flavour.  They are goodies with goodness.

Each recipe has a comparison with a standard version so you can see just how much better for you Lorraine's way is. 

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