• A Year at Avoca:  A Cookbook - Simon Pratt

A Year at Avoca: A Cookbook - Simon Pratt

Hardback.  Near new condition.  

The third in the series of Avoca cookbooks, A Year at Avoca is a celebration of good food.  Simon Pratt is the Kandinsky of cookery.  Better than anyone else, as his new book, A Year At Avoca reveals, he understands colour.   Even when the seasonally arranged recipes delve into autumn and winter, there is still a strong burnish of deep colour to everything – the green casserole holding the spiced lamb pie, the warm tan hue of Ger’s pork meatballs; the gratinated topping of the Avoca fish pie.

It’s delirious stuff, and beautifully presented in a book by the team from The Gloss.
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