• All-time Favourites - The Australian Women's Weekly

All-time Favourites - The Australian Women's Weekly

Hardback.   Very good condition.   2015

Old favourites evoke fond memories of time spent with friends and family baking with your mother, being surprised when you opened the lid on your lunchbox, getting the pick of the cakes at the local street stall or sipping tea from a china cup while nibbling on a dainty teacake with your girlfriend.

New favourites are those you are unfamiliar with.  They will become a part of the memories yet to be made.  The stories you are still to hear and all the friends you have yet to meet.

It includes recipes for Finger buns, Lemon shortbread, Lamington slice, Custard pies....Cookies and cream cake, Tropical muesli slice and Fusion balls.
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