• Alla Fratell!: How to Eat Italian - Barry McDonald

Alla Fratell!: How to Eat Italian - Barry McDonald

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2015

Alla Fratelli has the stories, the ingredients, the recipes and the secrets behind Sydney's favourite Italian restaurant, Fratelli Fresh.  Each week, Fratelli Fresh feeds between 15-20,000 people across its Sydney-based food empire.

Alla Fratelli is all about seasonal, fresh, heart-warming, delicious eating, dedicated to flavour and tradition - but it rips up the rule book at the same time, challenging some of the older Italian traditions and putting meals together that suit the way we live now. 

This is how we should all be cooking at home, with fresh, beautiful, simple, generous, messy Mediterranean market food, shared with children, parents, friends and neighbours.
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