• Allergy-free Cookbook

Allergy-free Cookbook

Alice Sherwood
Paperback.  Very good condition.  2010

Packed with tasty and healthy family recipes that can be made without the "big four" allergens - gluten, eggs, nuts and dairy - this reassuring cookbook explains how to adapt classic recipes to avoid harmful ingredients and how to create a healthy, balanced diet for the entire family. Alice Sherwood also offers advice on party planning for those with food allergies. 

Alice Sherwood is a former-BBC producer.  Discovering one of her sons had a life-threatening allergy to nuts and eggs catapulted Alice Sherwood into the bewildering world of " food allergies." How can you make a birthday cake without flour? What happens to family meals when packaged foods, which may contain traces of nuts, along with pasta, bread, and peanut butter become forbidden? Suddenly it became crucial to find alternatives, but most "cooking without" recipes lacked taste or contained unfamiliar ingredients that were hard to find. So Alice, armed with a lifelong love of food, got to work in the kitchen and devised her own recipes. 

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