• Annelie's Raw Food Power - Annelie Whitfield

Annelie's Raw Food Power - Annelie Whitfield

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2014

Use the power of raw food to enhance your and your families health and well being.   Annelie Whitfield shows how you can easily make delicious and simple raw meals that will be popular with your family as well as good for them from crackers tailored to a toddlers picky palate to fruit smoothies, salads, and main dishes, all the way up to a delectable raw chocolate cake and a complete menu for a party.  And for those who find it hard to leave processed foods behind, there are recipes here that offer a natural kick to make you forget all about coffee or refined sugar.

Packed with gorgeous photographs to accompany the inspirational recipes, "Annelie's Raw Food Power" contains everything you need to begin your personal journey towards health, vitality, and a more energized lifestyle.

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