• Anthony Worrall Thompson's G L Diet made simple

Anthony Worrall Thompson's G L Diet made simple

Paperback.   Near new condition.   2006

The GL (glycaemic load) is a recent development of these principles, and measures more accurately the carbohydrate load of food.   This means that foods that had previously been considered high GI, e.g. melon, can now be introduced into your diet, as the amount of carbs you would eat in a portion, rather than the whole melon, is calculated, giving you a greater understanding of combining foods to bring down the overall GL.

Antony Worrall Thompson has created 100 delicious recipes based on the GL, to help readers lose weight and eat sensibly, with a much wider selection of foods than ever before.   The diet also makes way for a greater range of desserts and treats (as the carb calculation is more precise).   Whether you are already a fan of the GI and looking to expand your recipe collection, or if you are new to the GI-GL, this book will help you to eat healthily, lose weight, but still enjoy food.

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