• Appetite - Nigel Slater

Appetite - Nigel Slater

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2001

Nigel Slater's inspirational guide to home cooking.   `I want you to take in the spirit of the recipes and to deviate according to your ingredients and your feelings.  I urge you to break the rules.  I want you to follow your appetite.'

Inspiring and irresistible, `Appetite' takes a hundred simple classics and casts aside the insecurities of normal recipes.  Ingredients are listed, followed by a suggestion of how much you might need, i.e. `double cream - start with 100 ml then see how you go'.

Readers will be liberated to use their own judgement, indeed actively encouraged to skip half the ingredients for pared-down versions that will teach them the essence of a dish. Recipe titles reflect this approach - `a cheap spaghetti supper', `a big pork roast', `a curry to make you sweat'.  Slater's typically unpretentious style and ready wit put the fun back into food.

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