• Beef & Potatoes - Jean-Francois Mallet

Beef & Potatoes - Jean-Francois Mallet

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2016

In Beef and Potatoes, Jean-Francois Mallet offers his expertise, along with 200 hearty and safe-proof recipes to ensure you're cooking up a delicious storm of beef and potatoes every time.  

Containing 200 recipes, classic and modern, within three sections.   In 'Beef' you'll find luscious hearty recipes such as rib eye steak with garlic chips, Belgian beef and beer stew and roast beef with bearnaise sauce.  In the 'Potatoes' chapter you'll find out how to make the ultimate chips, potato pancakes, potato fritters and potato puree with truffles.  In the 'Beef and Potatoes' selection, you'll find favourites such as classic cottage pie, beef and potato tagine with mint yoghurt, traditional beef wellington with duchess potatoes and a Mexican-style braised beef.

This superb book has dinner options well and truly covered.
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