• Betty Crocker's Entertaining Basics

Betty Crocker's Entertaining Basics

Betty Crocker
Hardback spiral bound. Very good condition.  2001

A complete guide to the basics of entertaining at home with confidence and ease -- filled with 100 of the best recipe choices for entertaining and lots of tips to make it all look perfect.  The four elements of a great party are the Entertaining Equation: Good Company + Good Food + Good Setting + Good Planning = Great Time!

Betty Crocker's Entertaining Basics: Learning to Entertain with Confidence details all the steps to take to guarantee that a party adds up just right.  
One hundred of the best recipes to prepare for a party are here, from appetizers to desserts (all photographed) in an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow format.  Plus, you'll find more than 25 easy "Set the Scene" decorating ideas 

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