• Bread, Buns and Breakfasts - Lola Workman

Bread, Buns and Breakfasts - Lola Workman

Hardcover.  Very good condition.  2005

Lola Workman is a commercial cook who has spent decades baking gluten-free – ever since her daughter was diagnosed with a wheat allergy.  Over the years she has applied her professionalism to her bakery, devising her own gluten-free flour mix and meticulously noting the different amounts of liquids needed to bake successfully with gluten-free flour.  Since baking is the one area of gluten-free cookery which defeats even competent cooks, this expertise is invaluable.

This book contains a wealth of recipes for sweet and savoury baked goodies.  From bacon and egg waffles to ‘tall’ milk bread, chapatis and challah plaits to naan flats, pitta bread or sun dried tomato bread, from panettone, English muffins or yeast-free Easter rings to walnut and raspberry jam scrolls – there is very little that Lola has not mastered – and can teach you to master too!
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