• Breaking Vegan - Jordan Younger

Breaking Vegan - Jordan Younger

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2015

Finding balance in life is a goal many of us strive to achieve.  Whether it's through a healthy diet, exercise regimen, state of mind, relationship, or other activity (or all of the above), we spend our days trying to be, and become, our best selves.  But what happens when all that focus starts to dominate our lives?  When our desire for perfect health trumps everything else, perhaps without us even realizing it?  What happens when our solution starts becoming the problem?

These are questions that author and popular blogger Jordan Younger faced when she decided that her extreme, plant-based lifestyle just wasn't working in favour of her health anymore - and questions that you may be facing too.

In Breaking Vegan, Jordan reveals how obsessive healthy dieting eventually led her to a diagnosis of orthorexia, or a focus on healthy food that involves other emotional factors and ultimately becomes dysfunctional, even dangerous.  In candid detail, Jordan shares what it was like to leave veganism, the downfall of her desire to achieve nutritional perfection, and how she ultimately found her way to recovery.  In addition to this, Jordan outlines an anti-diet, whole-foods-based eating plan featuring more than 25 recipes to help inspire others to find similar balance in their own lives.

Breaking Vegan is about tolerance and forgiveness.  And ultimately, forging one's own path toward happiness.
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