• British Regional Food - Mark Hix

British Regional Food - Mark Hix

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2008

Celebrated restaurateur and food writer, Mark Hix, has toured the country with leading photographer, Jason Lowe to re-discover forgotten, traditional dishes and start putting British regional food back on the map.

Each chapter celebrates and examines a particular region, introducing the reader to its landscape and indigenous products, and includes fascinating information and anecdotes about the traditions behind some of the country's most beloved meals.   Find out why the Cornish Pasty was Britain's first convenience food, why the Welsh were eating seaweed long before sushi became fashionable, and how Lancashire came to be the birthplace of all manner of confectionery, including treacle toffee.

With over 100 recipes, the book provides a rich treasury of regional dishes, some totally true to tradition, others cleverly and sympathetically adapted to make them simpler and more suited to today.  Thus, Bubbleand Squeak, Kedgeree and Roast Lamb sit perfectly alongside the more fantastically named London Particular, Liverpool Lobscouse, and Dublin Coddle.

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