• Convenire - Marist College Ashgrove (Queensland)

Convenire - Marist College Ashgrove (Queensland)

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2012

This is a substantial beautifully presented cookbook of 425 pages. 

It features more than 250 recipes, photographed and presented in a hardcover, coffee table-style book.   Convenire is not only a handy kitchen reference, but also a great gift for all occasions.   

Convenire is Latin for ‘come together’.   That’s what we do when we gather to share a meal and that’s what the College did to produce to this spectacular compilation .  It’s bursting with ideas for every conceivable culinary occasion, from breakfast and brunch, to lunches and light meals, through to dinner, dessert and the sweet treats we all love.  There’s something for all cooks, from beginners to old hands, and fresh new ideas to enhance any menu.
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