• Cook: Recipes, stories & kitchen wisdom - Kate McGhie

Cook: Recipes, stories & kitchen wisdom - Kate McGhie

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2006

Millions of readers turn to Kate McGhie each week for cooking advice in her much-loved newspaper column.  As a result, Kate's wisdom and experience and are distilled in this comprehensive and engaging work.

Reliable, colourful and beautifully written, 'Cook' is a lifetime's collection of recipes; a source of information on cooking methods, shopping and equipment; and a companion in the kitchen to help you get the most out of your cooking.  The recipes in 'Cook' range from the traditional and comforting to more modern variations.

They will feed a hungry family on a weeknight, impress guests for a big Sunday lunch, and will have the kids in stitches baking sweet treats like professionals.  The recipes are easy to follow and make use of readily available, fresh ingredients.  And they work – every time. Stories and tips from Australia's most trusted authority on food accompany the recipes and offer variations and gems of inspiration – all illustrated richly with photography by John Hay.  'Cook' is the one authoritative volume to have on the kitchen bench at all times.
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