• Cooking for Two 2009 - America's Test Kitchen

Cooking for Two 2009 - America's Test Kitchen

Hardback.   Very good condition.   2009

Cooking for two doesn't have to mean simple pasta dishes or tired leftovers.   It can be scaled down lasagnas and even desserts (birthday cake for two, anyone?).

In this first title in a new series from America's Test Kitchen, we leave no cooking-for-two technique unturned.   Tired of having a big container of stock going to waste in your fridge?   We solve that problem.   Learn to never waste fresh herbs again and many other tricks!

Our "Smart Shopper" cuts down on waste, making the most of your dollars.   "Use it Up" recipes throughout the book help you use leftover ingredients (half an avocado? We have a tangy dressing calling its name).   "Last Minute Suppers from the Pantry" lets you craft dinner in a pinch without running to the store.   Cooking for Two is for the adults in a busy family, empty nesters, single people and anyone scaling down but craving the perfect meal.

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