• Crunch Time Cookbook - Michelle Bridges

Crunch Time Cookbook - Michelle Bridges

Paperback.  Near new condition.  2011

Michelle Bridges, expert trainer from The Biggest Loser and author of the best-selling Crunch Time, knows that confidence in the kitchen is the key to weight management. In the Crunch Time Cookbook she arms you with 100 simple, delicious recipes to help you lose the kilos and keep them off. But this is no ordinary cookbook.

There's also- a 12-week menu plan practical info on counting calories and basic nutrition advice on breaking bad habits and exercise tips.   Michelle shows you how easy, quick and cheap it can be to prepare your own meals, and all her recipes are family friendly. Tuck into tasty low-cal versions of old favourites such as burgers, fish and chips, pizza, and sizzling roast beef.  Or try her spicy stir-fries, hearty soups and stunning salads.

High in nutrition, low in calories, these gorgeous recipes will help you take back control! 

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