• David Burton's New Zealand Food and Cookery

David Burton's New Zealand Food and Cookery

Hardback.   Very good condition.   2009

Based in Wellington, David Burton is one of New Zealand's most influential and respected food writers.

Comprehensive in its coverage, this book focuses on food and recipes of our nation.  An introductory section covers Maori and traditional colonial foods, including a fascinating history of dining out in New Zealand, and traces developments in the food industry and produce through to the present day.

Old Kiwi food institutions such as fish and chips, Aunt Daisy, meat pies, tomato sauce, chilly bins, barbies and chocolate fish, and many more are also covered.   Over 100 recipes, from Shepherd's Pie and Toheroa Fritters to Spanikopita and Kumara and Prune Tzimmes, illustrate the dramatic changes in our culinary traditions; not only do they show the influence of thousands of new ingredients which accompanied migrants to New Zealand, but also how we have embraced these cuisines and successfully adapted them to our own indigenous ingredients.
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