• Delicious:  More Please - Valli Little

Delicious: More Please - Valli Little

Paperback.  Near new condition.  2010

Fabulous, all new seasonal recipes that will have everyone holding out their plates and asking for "More, please"! 

nspired by the best seasonal produce, delicious. food director and bestselling author Valli Little has created 120 exciting recipes based on the seasons, which are all achievable for the home cook. You're sure to find dishes for every occasion, whether it's an easy family meal of Greek meatball salad and blueberry pudding, or an impressive dinner party menu of French-style fish soup, roast pork with Marsala sauce and a chocolate hazelnut tart.

Each recipe is beautifully photographed and arranged by ideas for summer, autumn, winter and spring - with a menu planner for each season. And why the title? You'll understand when everyone around the table holds out their plates and says, "More, please!"
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