• Diner:  Real Food - Andrew Levins

Diner: Real Food - Andrew Levins

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2012

Deep fried or smoked?   You want chili with your dog or peanut butter ice cream with your deep fried bananas?   Andrew Levins has spent years perfecting his recipes for pulled pork, fried chicken and pork ribs, served with a side of his own barbecue sauce or chipotle mayo.

Taking the classic bar food that everyone loves and adding a little twist on each recipe, you'll find tips for making the perfect hot dogs, burgers and nachos, plus the best dishes to serve alongside them.   After reading this book everyone can sit down at their own 'diner'.   For those glorious moments when it's time to indulge, Diner is the only cookbook you need to help you prepare all the food that you 'shouldn't' eat, the irresistibly unhealthy, indulgent snacks that are perfect for entertaining.   It's the best junk food you can get - made with the freshest ingredients.

Fire up the bbq, grab some friends and get ready to feast!

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