• Donuts - Tracey Meharg

Donuts - Tracey Meharg

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2014

The humble donut has developed a bit of attitude lately.   It's not just Mexican churros and Italian zeppole that are turning up on the cafe tables and menus of some of the world's premier establishments.

Croissant- donuts, lemon meringue donuts and those almost-good-for-you, paleo baked donuts are taking the world by storm.   These hot, sticky delicacies are not hard to recreate at home when you know how (no, you don't need a deep-fryer!).

Featuring baked or fried, fancy or the basic cinnamon-rolled delights of your youth, this book of donuts offers the very best of tried-and-tested recipes with 50 mouth-watering variations.   Get them while they're hot!

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