• Dukan:  Everyday Easy Cookbook

Dukan: Everyday Easy Cookbook

Dr Pierre Dukan & Joy Skipper
Hardback.  Very good condition.  2013

The Dukan Everyday Easy Cookbook is for everyone who loves good food and cooking but wants to eat without piling on the pounds.  Working with Dr Dukan, cookery writer Joy Skipper has created 120 deliciously simple recipes for the home cook so you can eat well and still lose weight. 

With recipes for the all-important Attack phase, ideas for packed lunches, and tempting diet-friendly puddings, the Dukan Everyday Easy Cookbook gives inspiration for every day of the week.  Designed so you can cook one meal that's easy to adapt for non-dieters, this book will help you build the Dukan Diet into your life and ensure you stay healthy and slim permanently whilst still enjoying all the pleasure that food can bring.
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