• Eamon's Kitchen - Eamon Sullivan

Eamon's Kitchen - Eamon Sullivan

Paperback.    Near new condition.    2011

From the winner of Celebrity MasterChef, this is a collection of great recipes that suit a busy, social lifestyle.

Eamon Sullivan's day job is swimming for Australia - he's in training for the Olympics.  He's 25, fit and healthy, good looking and boy-next-door charming.  And he is a winner in the kitchen.

This is a collection of 100 recipes that Eamon loves to cook and eat - some old favourites, new takes on classics and great ideas for entertaining.  The emphasis is on fresh, healthy ingredients that are easy to get.  From recipes that are really about clever assembly, through to smart ways to dine and wine friends and family at home, with great stand-alone sections where you master the basics and then go for it, Eamon knows how to make cooking cool.

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