• Edmonds Illustrated Cookbook II

Edmonds Illustrated Cookbook II

  1. Paperback.  Very good condition.  2007

The cookbook offers an inspiring collection of over 200 carefully tested recipes, each photographed in stunning full colour.  It brings together the very best of the Edmonds heritage while introducing new recipes suited to the changing New Zealand lifestyle

The baking section, at the heart of the Edmonds tradition, features cakes, biscuits, slices, muffins, loaves and tartlets.  Some recipes, such as Chocolate Brownie Biscuits, are variations on old favourites, and many, such as Cinnamon Pecan Cake and Expresso Biscuits with Fudge Fillings, are temptingly new.

Sections on Finger Foods, Light Meals and Salads, Main Meals, Desserts and Preserves provide an enormous range of recipes that are tasty and simple to prepare.  A section on Festive and Traditional Fare presents recipes for Christmas and Easter, and menu suggestions for those special occasions

The section on Icings, Pastries, Dressings and Sauces complements other recipes in the book, and the Glossary provides helpful advice for the novice and the experienced cook alike.

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