• Essentially Japanese: Cooking & Cuisine - Hideo Dekura

Essentially Japanese: Cooking & Cuisine - Hideo Dekura

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2008

"Essentially Japanese" is all about the beauty, people and cooking of Japan.  Hideo Dekura travels around the four islands and captures the seasons, including the cherry blossoms of Spring, the countryside and the cities as well as the culinary delights of each region and their recipes.

This book teaches the non Japanese person to be able to cook at home with easy recipes and photos with a cultural background of Japan throughout the book including the producers of ingredients, farmers, fisheries etc.

This book includes formal and regional cuisine.  It provides hints and information about traveling and eating in.  It covers: Japan; Customs and culture; Religions; Geographical Story; History of Japanese Cuisine; Food such as - Sushi, Noodles, Fish, Meat, tempura; and, Vegetarian, Desserts, Preparing Tea.

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