• Everyday Paleo around the world:  Italian Cuisine

Everyday Paleo around the world: Italian Cuisine

Sarah Frogoso
Paperback.  Near new condition.  2013

Sarah Fragoso is taking Paleo around the world. First stop: Italy!   Part travelogue, part lifestyle guide, this is not just another Italian cookbook.  Sarah has perfected the art of Italian cooking for the Paleo or gluten-free family — all 100 amazingly delicious, truly authentic recipes are grain-free, dairy-free, and legume-free.

The recipes are drawn from Sarah's travels throughout Italy, where she spent time learning from — and cooking with — top chefs, home cooks, and local farmers. Because of the variety of her experiences, she has much more to share than just recipes. 

Discover the value of slowing down and savoring the whole process, from the initial gathering of the ingredients to enjoying the people around the table as much as the food on your plate.  This sensibility is what makes 
Everyday Paleo Around the World not just a cookbook, but a perspective-shifting gem, sure to inspire great dinners and dinner conversation!
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