• Everyday Vegetarian - Jane Hughes

Everyday Vegetarian - Jane Hughes

Paperback.  Near new condition  2015

Everyday Vegetarian provides you with an entire year's worth of tasty and healthy recipes.  Divided by season, the recipes and suggestions within each chapter are focused on using fresh seasonal produce.  From artichokes and asparagus to autumnal eggplant and festive cranberries, you can make the most of nature's prime ingredients all year round.

Even if you aren't a complete vegetarian, you'll find lots of recipes to inspire you to add more fruits and veggies to your daily dining routine, such as Walnut and Avocado Risotto, Carrot and Fennel Soup, and Spicy Chocolate Chestnut Cake.

All 365 recipes are suitable for novice and experienced cooks alike, with clear instructions from a leading expert on vegetarian food.  Richly illustrated with stunning four-color photography throughout and endorsed by the American Vegetarian Association, Everyday Vegetarian is your go-to guide for healthy eating.

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