• Exploring Taste and Flavour - Tom Kime

Exploring Taste and Flavour - Tom Kime

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2005

This unique book applies the Eastern theory of taste to all dishes and ingredients, with sensational results.  Truly delicious and stimulating food is created when the four main tastes that we can recognise (hot, sweet, salt and sour) are present and in balance.

Here are 150 impeccably designed recipes that guarantee to excite all the senses, using the fresh flavours, vibrant colours and contrasting textures of seasonal produce.  When all these bases are covered, food is sublime, and with Tom Kime's guidance, easy and enjoyable to prepare for every occasion, from on-the-run lunches to relaxed and decadent dining.

Tom's comprehensive introduction details the Eastern taste theory and explains why it can make such a spectacular difference to the food that we cook and eat at home.  The nine chapters offer recipes for every occasion; Sauces, Light Bites, Salads, Soups, Quick Dishes, One-pot Dishes, Mains, Sides and Desserts.  Once learnt, the principles of the Eastern taste theory enable an extremely creative and instinctive way of cooking.

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