• Fat for Fuel - Dr. Joseph Mercola

Fat for Fuel - Dr. Joseph Mercola

Paperback.   Near new condition.   2017

In this ground-breaking guide, the first of its kind, New York Times best-selling author and leading natural-health practitioner Joseph Mercola explains how nearly all disease is caused by defective metabolic processes.  Then he reveals what's really causing your metabolism to go haywire: damage and dysfunction in the mitochondria, thousands of which are at work in nearly every cell in your body, generating 90 percent of the energy you need to stay alive and well.  When mitochondria become damaged in large numbers, it is impossible to stay healthy.

Mercola shows you that you can to take control of your health simply by giving your body the proper fuel - and it's not what you've likely been led to believe.  A ketogenic diet, very low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats, is the way to optimize the biochemical pathways that suppress disease and support healing. 

You can build a healthier body and brain at the cutting edge of this exciting new discipline, starting right now.

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