• Feasting - Karen Martini

Feasting - Karen Martini

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2010

Karen Martini welcomes us to her table.  Here are 130 new recipes, organised into 20 menus - all easy to prepare and full of flavour.  Karen invites us to choose just one delicious dish, put together an entire menu, or create our own unique feasts using recipes from different menus. 

We learn how to match starters with mains and mains with sides, and how to choose the perfect dessert to finish a meal. We discover the wonders of Mediterranean flavours and the art of serving multiple dishes at the centre of the table.  We visit Asia for a banquet and the Middle East for a vegetarian feast, and then come back home for the old-fashioned comfort of roast chook, potatoes and greens.

Inspiring, instructive and beautifully photographed, Feasting reminds us that cooking is not just about producing good food, it is about creating a reason to connect and celebrate with family and friends.

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