• Fit in 10: Slim & Strong for Life! - Jenna Bergen Southerland

Fit in 10: Slim & Strong for Life! - Jenna Bergen Southerland

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2017

Based on the successful video franchise from Prevention, Fit in 10 is a plan for even the busiest woman: exercise for 10 minutes per day and prep clean recipes in 10 minutes or less.

Most women already know, more or less, what they should be doing to keep their bodies healthy and strong.  Eat right, work out, and be mindful - but who really has the time for all of that when work is crazy, the kids are waiting for dinner, and there just aren't enough hours in the day?  It turns out, you don't need hours: just 10 minutes!

Based on cutting-edge research and designed for real women, the 60-day Fit in 10 plan offers proven results without endless hours at the gym or cooking elaborate meals. Working out for just 10 minutes per day and spending 10 minutes or less creating healthy, delicious meals will result in a faster metabolism, slimmer waistline, reduced pain, and overall improved health and mood.  Fit in 10 is a lifestyle, not a diet.  Prevention has developed this program to help you boost your commitment to a healthy, active life.

The book includes a 10-day clean-eating jumpstart meal plan; 85 healthful, delicious recipes; and a 60-day training plan to help you form new exercise and eating habits that will improve your health and tone and tighten your body.  The 10-minute "Life Changers" throughout the book encourage and empower you to prioritize yourself and stay on track to meet those goals long past the first 60 days.

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