• Flash Cooking: Fit Fast Flavours for Busy People - Laura Santtini

Flash Cooking: Fit Fast Flavours for Busy People - Laura Santtini

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2011

The book does have a small mark on the spine of the dustcover that we cannot remove - priced accordingly.

Flash is the everyday cooking of the future.  Using Laura Santtini's clever and easily prepared 'flavour bombs', fast flavourings literally flash in the pan.  The difference between her dishes and other fast food, however, is that they are designed to promote wellbeing and keep you trim and fit.

She makes the ordinary extraordinary by showing readers how to transform familiar basic everyday ingredients - fish fillets and steaks, chicken breasts, etc. - into a wide range of exciting and nutritious meals that draw on many popular cuisines of the world to keep the taste buds tingling.  Readers will be able to ring the changes on favourite foods from salmon fillets glazed with maple syrup and ginger to pork cutlets with sage and anchovy butter and cauliflower steaks with harissa and feta cheese.  There are dishes for all occasions, even energizing breakfasts and all-day snacks.

Fast, healthy, simple and flavour-packed, Laura's recipes sparkle with magic.  This book will inspire readers to embrace new flavours and will become the essential guide for everyone looking for fabulous fast food for a fit life.

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