• Food for all Seasons

Food for all Seasons

Oliver Rowe
Hardback.  Very good condition.  2016

A story of seasonal food throughout the year, this is a touching and informative culinary journey exploring the way our lives and our food are intertwined. It's a book of recipes, but more than that it's a book about food, and a book about an extraordinary chef whose career spans nearly two decades. 

Oliver Rowe has cooked at the highest level and in this book, he draws on his wealth of experience to bring seasonal food to life. Oliver trained at Moro and went on to open Konstam, an award winning restaurant in King's Cross. There he focused on local, seasonal food and starred in The Urban Chef which tracked his efforts to uncover suppliers in and around London. 

This book will not only help you understand food better, it will make you want to engage with the food seasons in a new way. 
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