• Freeze & Easy - Sara Lewis

Freeze & Easy - Sara Lewis

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2013

More than 100 delicious recipes that are perfect for the freezer.  Freeze & Easy teaches you how to make the most of your freezer to save time and money.  By cooking in bulk and freezing gluts, you can cut down on the cost of your ingredients and the time you spend in your kitchen.

Packed with 100 delicious recipes, including Lentil and venison sausage stew, thai coconut fish curry, Garlicky stilton and dauphinoise, Pear, saffron and ginger tarte tatin, Easy spiced banana and apricot bread and Peach and mascarpone crumble cake.

Freeze & Easy features all the basic recipes a busy cook needs; for example ragu sauce that can be frozen and then turned into numerous dishes. there are also recipes perfectly suited to cooking in bulk - for instance, why cook one lasagne when you can fit three in your oven and freeze two of them?  Every recipe features health and safety advice on freezing, defrosting and reheating, and there are at-a-glance charts of ingredients to show which ones can be frozen and for how long.

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