• Fresh Veggie Kitchen - David & Charlotte Bailey

Fresh Veggie Kitchen - David & Charlotte Bailey

Paperback.  Near new condition.  2019

David and Charlotte Bailey serve only nutritious wholefoods from their street-food van, Wholefood Heaven, as they tour the country and travel worldwide in search of recipes and inspiration for new and exciting flavours.  Their food is informed by the need to live well and be both mindful of and uplifted by what you put in your body.  This book is a celebration of naturally healthy, unprocessed ingredients and flavours from around the world.

Featuring over 60 recipes for wholesome vegetarian and vegan meals, including breakfasts and drinks, many of the recipes are presented as easy-to-eat bowl-food (all the nutrients you need for a healthy meal in one), or can be cooked in a single pot (ideal if you are away holidaying or camping at a festival).  Featuring plenty of information on the benefits of grains, cereals, pulses, nuts, seeds and fruit and veg, the recipes offer a full range of enticing meals, drawn from an international repertoire.

This mouthwatering array of recipes will be the only inspiration needed to live a healthier lifestyle.

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