• From my Mother's Kitchen - Jenny Linford

From my Mother's Kitchen - Jenny Linford

Hardback.   Very good condition.   2009

"From My Mother's Kitchen" shows you how to cook a whole menu of traditional dishes to share with your family and friends.  An evocative introduction by Jenny Linford captures the essence of homemade cooking with timely tips from mother's kitchen to get you started - from stocking up your larder and celebrating seasonality to cooking with children and supporting local food stores and markets.

There are chapters on Wholesome Salads and Tasty Sides, Hot from the Pot, Homemade Favourites, Just Desserts, and Sauces and Preserves, that provide all the recipes you need to serve up a feast just like your mother used to make. "From My Mother's Kitchen" contains all the classics - eat your greens with a traditional Caesar Salad, sit down to a warming Beef and Carrot Casserole, dig into some steaming meatballs or cut into a sumptuous Apple Pie.

You can also learn how to make delicious jams, basic stocks and simple sauces - essentials that add that homemade quality to a recipe.

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