• Gluten Free : Recipes & Preparation - Angela Litzinger

Gluten Free : Recipes & Preparation - Angela Litzinger

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2017

If you're gluten intolerant or just following a gluten-free diet, you'll be delighted with our selection of varied and delicious recipes.  The gluten-free lifestyle is a saviour for sufferers of coeliac disease and wheat intolerance, and can also be a lifeline for those inflicted with less clear-cut digestive disorders.

Learn all about 'gluten' and how to make the transition, as well as key foods to avoid, naturally-gluten-free foods and great substitutes, along with equipment tips.  Key recipes are provided to make your own staples such as flour, bread, pastry and pasta, and a wealth of tempting recipes are included, for everything from breakfasts to main meals to sweet treats and more - why not try making Croissants, Buckwheat Gnocchi or Macarons?

The accessible text by an expert in gluten-free living is accompanied by gorgeous, inspirational photography.  There's plenty here to inspire you in this gluten-free, pain-free extravaganza.

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