• Good Times - Viva (New Zealand Herald)

Good Times - Viva (New Zealand Herald)

Paperback.   Near new condition.   2012

Good Times - favourite recipes from Viva offers fail-proof recipes to cook for family and friends whether the occasion is a quick weekday meal, relaxed weekend gathering or a special celebration.  Amanda Laird, food editor of the popular weekly Viva magazine in The New Zealand Herald, creates delicious, uncomplicated dishes using the freshest seasonal ingredients.

In the pages of this book she brings together the most popular recipes from the pages of Viva, as well as a selection of her personal favourites.  Drawing on a melting pot of culinary influences, Amanda's recipes are sure to earn you compliments.

Innovative combinations of ingredients result in stand-out dishes that are surprisingly simple to prepare, while classics are enlivened with the addition of unexpected new flavours. 
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