• Gourmet Food for a Fiver - Jason Atherton

Gourmet Food for a Fiver - Jason Atherton

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2010

Jason Atherton, Michelin-starred chef and proprietor of Maze, brings inexpensive, accessible gourmet food into the home kitchen.  His creative style and mastery of unique flavours makes his cooking exciting, delicious and highly original.   In Gourmet Food for a Fiver, he shows how to create mouthwatering meals within a tight budget at home. Prepared from seasonal ingredients in their prime, the recipes are enticing, fun to make and delectable to eat - perfect for entertaining friends and family or for a glamorous night in.

Based on the idea of a two-course meal - one savoury and one sweet - there are more than 80 recipes to choose from.   The savoury recipes - veg, fish and meat - are designed to be flexible and many of them can be served either as a starter or main dish. The delectable collection of desserts features fruits from all seasons and includes irresistible chocolate concoctions.   
Jason also shows how to plate up every dish to make it look restaurant perfect.
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