• Grain Bowls - Anna Shillinglaw Hampton

Grain Bowls - Anna Shillinglaw Hampton

Paperback.  Near new condition.  2016

Bulgur wheat, quinoa, barley, rice, spelt and more....

There are recipes for every appetite, including lighter fare such as salads, filling vegetarian (even vegan) meals, as well as heartier bowls with meat and seafood.   There are one-pot recipes such as stews and risottos, as well as classic assembled grain bowls topped with dressings and sauces.

All of them can be prepared in advance for quick, healthy weekday meals that are far from boring.   Many of the dishes use gluten-free grains, such as buckwheat and rice. And grain bowl additions, such as fruits, vegetables and proteins are so adaptable that it is easy to eliminate or add items based on any fussy eaters in the family.

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