• Grains seeds & legumes - Molly Brown

Grains seeds & legumes - Molly Brown

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2013

Grains, Seeds & Legumes provides an in-depth catalogue to the world of these edible grains, including step-by-step directions to deal with even the most esoteric staple.

Molly Brown backs this information up with delicious, healthy and diverse recipes catering to gluten free diets and those wanting to find unique and delicious ways to work ancient and whole grains into your everyday eating.

With gorgeous colour photography and pages full of delicious recipes - from Sunday breakfasts (Oat, Ricotta and Berry Pancakes with Thyme honey) to morning tea (Apple, sour cream and cinnamon crunch muffins), healthy salads (Mango, asparagus and wild rice salad) to heartier fare (Cassoulet) - you're sure to find something to satisfy any appetite.
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