• Green Pickled Peaches - Chui Lee Luk

Green Pickled Peaches - Chui Lee Luk

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2013

From comforting Sunday noodles to sweet dumplings and spicy crab, the recipes Chui Lee Luk creates both at home and in her high-end restaurant Claude's, hold some essence of her earliest, and most revered, food memories. 

In Green Pickled Peaches Chui recollects memorable and influential eating experiences from her childhood in Sabah, Malaysia and how the sense memory has inspired the food she recreates today. 

This book is an inspirational reference of sorts in showing how she connects to food from her past, Chui helps the reader be inspired from their own sense history, she leads us on a sensual journey through chapters arranged by sight, sound, smell, taste and touch with creative recipes that are just as much works of art as they are delicious morsels.  Beautifully presented book.
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